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  Leica Absolute Tracker AT 401 at the service of mould production
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  Flexible laser tracker system facilitates the processing of large cast and steel components
  Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 for inspection of large-volume wind energy components
  Foundry finds competitive edge with Laser Tracker system
  Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker simplifies the inspection of large castings
  Full-Size Dynamic Model of Giant Excavator
  Dimensional control of Crane Bridges with TDM5005 system
  Super-accurate pontoon bridge assembly
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Flexible laser tracker system facilitates the processing of large cast and steel components

DMR Produktionsgesellschaft mbH Rostock
At the DMR Produktionsgesellschaft mbH in Rostock there blows a fresh wind: previously, traditional measuring methods which were used had limitations; success is now guaranteed with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 and Leica T-Probe. Now when the component can‘t get to the CMM, the CMM will go to the component.
Wind energy changes politics and industry, and both are reacting to these changes differently. With funding being provided by governments, industry is looking at manufacturing possibilities. The sheer size of modern wind energy installations presents new challenges; manoeuvring steel and cast iron components weighing 80 tonnes takes time and is expensive - therefore, it pays to keep transport to a minimum.

At the DMR Produktionsgesellschaft mbH in Rostock extremely large components are an everyday occurrence. The company, which evolved from Dieselmotorenwerk Rostock, specialises in turnkey manufacturing, with special skills gained in manufacturing housings for wind turbines, industrial gearboxes, various components for gas and steam turbines and spare parts for two-stroke crosshead engines.

Easy to operate at lofty heights
Holger Radanke, Quality Manager at DMR Produktionsgesellschaft mbH, is responsible for identifying suitable measuring procedures. He is particularly concerned about the increasing size of components: “As we are only manufacturing to order, we are not able to focus solely on measuring instruments and methods. With very large components we have often asked ourselves in the past how we could save valuable time, both with measuring and marking. With large components, manual methods are very limited. And if you also have to provide evidence of compliance with form and position tolerances, these methods are inadequate anyway.”

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