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  Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 ensures efficiency of hydroelectric power stations
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Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 ensures efficiency of hydroelectric power stations

Vorarlberger Illwerke Schruns (Austria)
Vorarlberger Illwerke operates ten hydroelectric power stations in the Montafon alpine valley in Austrian state of Vorarlberg and produces valuable peak-load and regulating energy. The company regularly investigates the efficiency of its turbines so that the power of the water can be converted into electricity as efficiently as possible. The base data for these investigations are created using a laser tracker system from Leica Geosystems.
Anyone who drives the Silvretta high alpine road knows the importance of good brake ventilation. Gradients of up to 14%, one hairpin bend after another and views on to spectacular alpine landscapes are characteristic features along this 25 km long private mountain road. The owner of the road is Vorarlberger Illwerke AG, part of illwerke vkw, the largest electricity provider in Vorarlberg. The company built roads like this in the 1920s to allow access for the construction of hydroelectric stations and storage reservoirs in the higher reaches of the mountains.

Metrology for measuring large dimensions

Hydropower is an important part of the future for energy provision in Vorarlberg. And Vorarlberger Illwerke has a leading role to play in this. While it has new power stations already in the pipeline, the company is also striving to make its existing plants more efficient. To achieve this goal, Vorarlberger Illwerke relies on some highly capable metrology from Hexagon Metrology.

Ralf Laufer is a member of a 13-strong surveying team based in the Engineering Services Section at Vorarlberger Illwerke’s Schruns facility. One of Laufer’s main fields of activity is industrial metrology. His favourite piece of equipment is a Leica Absolute Tracker AT901, which, when used with the hand-held Leica T-Probe and Leica T-Scan laser scanner, forms a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) particularly suitable for measuring large objects. The system can be operated by one person thanks to “PowerLock”...


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