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Leica Industrial Theodolites cut costs at paper mill

Novel roller alignment method saves big money
See how Shotton Paper Company plc (a member of the UPM – Kymmene Group), the largest manufacturer of the UK newspaper print, cuts maintenance costs. Leica Geosystems Industrial Total Stations TDM5005 are applied for Roller Alignment.
To maximise production of a machine run, it is important that the machine’s alignment is correct. If this is not achieved, performance and quality could be affected which could result in machine downtime and expensive repairs. When the machine is shutdown for repairs and planned preventative maintenance, it often includes the removal and replacement of various machine rollers. This is a relatively routine operation, however it is important that the roller is aligned level and square to the machine’s datum. Today, Shotton Paper Company and METSO (formerly VALMET) use Leica Geosystems Total Stations, they have successfully adapted to this new technology. Shotton Paper Companies Plant Maintenance Engineers have been trained to use and apply the Total Station for the alignment of their paper machine parts. With the aid of the instrument’s on-board software these alignment tasks are easier and quicker than previously taken by a conventional instruments. A simple set-up procedure takes less than five minutes to complete. The on-board processor calculates the position of the instrument in relationship to the machine datum. Two points are then measured on the roller, with the simple press of a button the operator is provided with the deviations on instruments display panel, these corrections are then passed onto the engineer to align the roller square and level.


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