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Industry-Proven Comprehensive Product Line
The Metrology Division of Leica Geosystems maintains a competitive advantage through its industry-proven technology delivering real bottom-line results more efficient measurement procedures, better constructed end products, thus providing significantly reduced production costs.
The Metrology Division of Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon Metrology, offers the most comprehensive product line in the portable metrology business, with accessories and state-of-the-art software to extend the dimension and capacity of the instrumentation.

Laser Trackers – The Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker family of metrology products is designed for portable coordinate measurement. Our laser trackers offer the fastest measurement cycle in the industry for high point density and the longest measurement distance for large volume work up to 40m (131ft).

Local Positioning Technology – Leica T-Probe, a "Walk-Around" wireless and armless CMM allows for precise measurement of position and orientation (6 Degrees of Freedom) of any object in space. The Leica T-Probe can inspect and measure virtually anything anywhere due to its unique ability to measure inside deep parts and tools. Leica T-Scan is another part of the Portable CMM solution. Leica T-Scan digitizes complex surfaces (from dark to metalic with no need for powdering) with neglibible setup times for subsequent inspection and reverse engineering, and is impervious to environmental light.

Theodolite Systems – Leica Geosystems Total Stations bring precision to the shop floor in heavy industries and other areas where robustness and high quality must go hand in hand. The electro-optical Theodolites have set global standards in any kind of optical precision alignment for satellites and aircraft.

Hardware Accessories – The Metrology Division offers a wide selection of reflectors and accessories to create new dimensions for Leica Geosystems laser trackers, scanners and theodolites.

PC-DMIS Portable for Laser Trackers - PC-DMIS Portable for Laser Trackers is part of the PC-DMIS software suite – the leader in global 3D inspection SW with more than 20’000 licenses sold. PC-DMIS allows you to use one software suite for all Hexagon Measurement devices and virtually any 3rd Party sensor. This provides you with the same look and feel across all your inspection solutions, hence drastically decreasing training cost and make use of your inspection specialists in a much more flexible way.

PolyWorks/Inspector from InnovMETRIC – InnovMETRIC’s flagship product, PolyWorks, is a powerful software solution that uses high-density point clouds to measure and control the quality of castings/dies/molds, and to approve manufacturing processes through prototype, first-article, manufactured, and assembled parts inspection. PolyWorks offers a complete toolset for comparing forms and profiles (part-to-part and part-to-CAD), and includes the most complete GD&T analysis capabilities on the market, as well as the widest array of soft gauging tools (linear, radius, flush & gap, thickness, etc.). All quality control tasks can be completely automated and performed by one click of a mouse using PolyWorks’ powerful scripting language. PolyWorks also offers a unique reverse-engineering module that produces class A polygonal models and rapid NURBS surfaces that are exportable to any CAD/CAM/CFD/FEA software for stringent manufacturing applications.

Metrolog XG for Leica – The global 3D inspection software is a standard for measuring applications in automotive, aerospace and the general precision industry. Metrolog XG for Leica interfaces to the Leica Geosystems PCMM Laser Tracker and the Leica T-Probe and Leica T-Scan. In addition, more than 50 interfaces for CMMs and PCMMs are available. The graphical visualization provides direct interfaces for virtual any neutral and native CAD format. A powerful feature based measurement tool, a complete GD&T engine, the customizable reporting and a simple and fast programming language, support and simplify your sophisticated assembly and inspection processes. Metrolog XG for Leica is available in 14 languages and supports WinXP and Win2000.

emScon – With the new Leica Geosystems Tracker Programming Interface modules any application software can be created to fully control the Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker out of world industry standards like Excel, Word, Access or Visual Basic. The system is therefore independent of operating platforms, be it Windows, Unix, Linux or others. The programming as well as the laser tracker’s interface has an open architecture to create modules for any CAD/CAM/CAE application software.


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